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7 Things I Know for Sure

June 26, 2015

7 Things I Know for Sure


1)  Life is basically a tension between love and pain.


2)  It's best to take on responsibilities that you find are a privilege and a pleasure to fulfill and to try to feel that way about most of your responsibilities whether you feel you have chosen them freely or not.


3)  Persistence pays in a good cause although you may have to persist for a very long time.


4)  Knowing your values makes making your decisions easier although you will mostly have some doubt because every decision is one-sided by its very nature.


5)  Truly knowing what you value most, however, makes it easier to deal with any and all consequences of your decisions/actions.


6)  Extreme integrity protects you although it ranges many forces against you as well.


7)  Life is a great adventure!


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More Wisdom

January 25, 2014

"A little government and a little luck are necessary in life, but only a fool trusts either."  On the back cover of the paperback version of, Parliament of Whores, by P. J. O'Rourke.  p. xix.

 "When a man listens to his belly, he forgets his brain; when he listens to his brain, he forgets his heart; when he listens to his heart, he forgets everything!" said by the Djinn in the original film, The Thief of Bagdad.

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A Bit of Wisdom

January 23, 2014

"The teachers told us quietly that the way of experts had become a tricky way. They told us it would always be fatal to our arts to misuse the skills we had learned. The skills themselves were mere light shells, needing to be filled out with substance coming from our work.  They warned us never to turn these skills to the service of things separate from the way.  This would be the most difficult thing, for we would learn, they told us, that no fundi could work effectively when torn away from power, and yet power in these times lived far, immeasurably far from the way. This distance from the seats of power to the way, this distance now separating our way from power usurped against our people and our way, this distance would be the measure of the fundi's pain. They told us there was no life sweeter than that of the fundi in the bosom of his people if his people knew their way.  But the life of the fundi whose people have lost their way is pain.  All the excellence of such a fundi's craft is turned to trash.  His skills are useless in the face of...

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7 Essential Questions to ask when Seeking a Job/Free Cell Phone Service/More!

January 22, 2014

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Inquiry Journal Compilation Volume I, Nos. 1-50 Published in its entirety!

January 15, 2013

I published my book, previewed here, Inquiry Journal Compilation Volume 1, Nos. 1-50, in its entirety on www.amazon.com's Kindle e-reader, on Sunday, September 2, 2012.  It has short stories at the end that I've also written.  See it at http://read.amazon.com/about as well as free previews of the other seven books I published there last year and my 2009 Pulitzer Prize contender, entitled, Nowheresville, Everywhere Earth.  All my books have black and green covers except for Nowheresville.  Tell your friends!
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I'm Ending My Blog Today

April 2, 2011

I'm ending my blog today because I plan to publish my book by this time next year and don't want to give it all away for free.  If you like, look through my archives here and you can see what I've been up to and get the gist of this book of quotes.  There are a lot more great ones to come.  I'll announce when my book is on sale here.  Ciao!
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Inquiry Journal Compilation Volume 1 No. 21

March 26, 2011

"The unexamined life is not worth living!"  Socrates


"I once knew a manufacturer who had a perfect wife, admired by all, and yet he deceived her.  The man was literally furious to be in the wrong, to be blocked from receiving, or granting himself, a certificate of virtue.  The more virtues his wife manifested, the more vexed he became.  Eventually, living in the wrong became unbearable to him.  What do you think he did?  He gave up deceiving her?  Not at all.  He killed her."  from The Fall by Albert Camus p. 19.

"You see, I've heard of a man whose friend had been imprisoned and who slept on the floor of his room every night in order not to enjoy a comfort of which his friend had been deprived.  Who, cher monsieur, will sleep on the floor for us?  Whether I am capable of it myself?  Look, I'd like to be and I shall be.  Yes, we shall all be capable of it one day, and that will be salvation.  But it's not easy, for friendship is absentminded or at least unavailing.  It is incapable of achieving what it wants.  Maybe, after all, it doesn't want it enough?" ...

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Inquiry Journal Compilation Volume 1 No. 20

March 19, 2011

"The unexamined life is not worth living!"  Socrates


"The difference between the university graduate and the autodidact lies not so much in the extent of knowledge, as in the extent of vitality and confidence."  The Unbearable Lightness of Being by Milan Kundera p. 55.

"The goals we pursue are always veiled.  A girl who longs for marriage longs for something she knows nothing about.  The boy who hankers after fame has no idea what fame is.  The thing that gives our every move its meaning is always totally unknown to us."  ibid. p. 122.

"[T]here is a definite difference between falling in love and standing in love.  Rather, love is a way of being, a 'giving to,' not a 'falling for;' a mode of relating at large, not an act limited to a single person."  from Love's Executioner by Irvin D. Yalom, M.D. p. 11.

"The creative members of an orthodoxy, any orthodoxy, ultimately outgrow their disciplines."  ibid. p.36.

"Cervantes asked, 'Which will you have: wise madness or foolish sanity?'" ibid. p. 65.

"In each individual the spirit has become flesh, in each [wo]man the creation suffers, within each one is a redeemer nailed to the cross."  from Demian...

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Inquiry Journal Compilation Volume 1 No. 19

March 12, 2011

"The unexamined life is not worth living!"  Socrates


"There is no effective or sensible way to fight Diabolum.  Marx tried, all the revolutionaries tried, and in the end Diabolum always managed to appropriate every organization whose original goal was to destroy it.  My whole revolutionary  past ended in disappointment, and now only one single question occupies me:  what is a [w]oman to do when [s/]he realizes that no organized, effective, sensible fight against Diabolum is possible?  [S/]he has only two choices:  to resign and cease to be him[her]self, or to keep on cultivating an inner need for revolt and from time to time give it expression.  Not to change the world, as Marx once wanted, justly and in vain, but because [s/]he is urged to do so by an inner moral imperative."  from Immortality by Milan Kundera, p. 228.

"If an alchemist of genius were transplanted into the nineteenth century, what would his occupation be? What would become of Christopher Columbus today, when there are a thousand shipping companies? What would Shakespeare write when theater did not exist or had ceased to exist?

"These are not rhetorical questions.  When a person has talent for an activity that has passed...

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Inquiry Journal Compilation Volume 1 No. 18

March 5, 2011

"The unexamined life is not worth living!"  Socrates


". . .[C]an you show me the line where matter ends and spirit begins?" from The Feminine Face of God by Sherry Ruth Anderson and Patricia Hopkins p. 10.

"[W]e need to give ourselves permission to. . .live out our strongest dreams--even if it takes a lifetime."  ibid. p. 177.

". . .Four chief causes of error among people are:  (a) authority; (b) custom; (c) the opinion of the unskilled majority; (d) concealment of ignorance under the pretence of wisdom."  parpaphrase of Roger Bacon from The Dictionary of Philosophy and Religion, ed. W. L. Reese p. 48.

 "So I shall never waste my life-span in a vain useless hope, seeking what cannot be, a flawless man among us all who feed on the fruits of the broad Earth.  If I find him, I will bring you news.

"But I praise and love every man who does nothing base from free will.  Against necessity, even gods do not fight."  Simonides from The Praise Singer by Mary Renault frontispiece. 



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