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With Health Notes and Recipes

"The Money Doctor"



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Two Guerrilla Financing Tipstm:

Dear Donna “The Money Doctor”

Guerrilla Financing Tipstm Newsletter

By Donna Lee
(I am not a certified financial planner but a financial coach and I cannot offer any investment advice by law.)

Q--I need housing; can you help?

A--If you would like to obtain your own home, which can be a condominium or co-op if you'd like nationwide, with no down payment, and/or get work as a mortgage consultant with a six-figure income (you will have to help others do the same in this organization) contact the National Assistance Corporation of America (Housing) (NACAwww.naca.com) (888) 302-6222.

Also, if you are a single mother and are seeking housing nationwide that you are willing to share with another single mother and her child(ren), please visit www.coabode.org

Best of luck to you in achieving your constructive financial goals!

Over the past thirty years, I have secured hundreds of thousands of dollars in financial benefits and cash and I believe that I can help you do so too!  

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Do you have or are you making all the money you need/want?  

Do you even know exactly how much that is/would be?  

Do you have all the time you need to accomplish what you'd like and to relax?  

Do you feel great satisfaction from the way you're presently living your life?  

If your answer to all those questions is a resounding, "Yes!" then you probably don't need my services below.  However, if you've answered, "No," to even one of those questions, why not try my intuitive consulting services?!  


More on my personalized intuitive counseling services:


Even though I can't yet answer, "Yes!," to all the questions I've asked you above, they still apply because I work hard to be able to do so every day and to help you do so, as well.  Through the techniques I'll recommend to you, tailored to your unique circumstances, with step-by-step instructions for you to do within specific time-frames, week by week, I, myself, have gotten tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars over about two decades!  In August of 2014, I settled with Taco Bell for $750 for a slip and fall I took in front of one of their stores in my neighborhood, without having to sue and without the help of a lawyer, three of which latter told me that they felt that they could not win the case even after I explained to them how we could win it!  (However, I am not a lawyer and cannot give legal advice although I may be able to advise you on savvy negotiating techniques considering your situation).  Earlier in 2014 I settled with Walgreen's for $100 because they had been consistently writing my prescriptions wrong, also without having to sue and without the help of a lawyer!  In October of 2014, I got a grant of $1,353 to pay my rent arrears from NYC! Also in October 2014 I got a credit card with a $225 limit which can be raised once I keep the payments up up to a credit limit of $1,500!  That's a total last year alone of more than my $1,200 guarantee to you should you purchase my services (see below!)

Samples of some of my work for others are that I discovered more than six (6) challenges to ebay's new valet program through which ebay helps people sell their items on ebay for which service ebay receives 30% of the sale price and the person selling her/his items through this new service receives 70% of the proceeds from the sale of her/his items.  I did this for ebay for free on 1/22/14 and again on 2/10/14! Ebay has implemented some of my ideas in their valet program.  I also advised the 103rd Precinct of the New York City Police Department of several ways that they could improve their community affairs newsletter!  The 103rd Precinct immediately implemented some of my ideas on how they could improve their community affairs newsletter.  Finally, at this time, I have offered my services, with several preliminary suggestions to Stamps.com, and a profile for my neighbor of 22 years!  

If you'd like to try some of my ideas on your own without my help, buy my book at the following url for only $7 which I think is a ginormous (!) bargain!:


The cost of a full Survive Until You Thrive Money Makeovertm is a flat rate of $750 payable in advance.  If you order in the next seven (7) days, you will get a 20% discount and pay only $600.  For that charge, I will give you 25 tips on how you can possibly achieve even your wildest dreams (!) per the below!!!  If you want to test my services or can't afford the $600 at this time, try my offer above of me offering five (5) tips to fulfill your most pressing need for $20.  

I'll start the process off by getting you your full intuitive counseling through me doing a "Survive Until You Thrive Money Makeovertm" for you in which I'll help you assess and clarify your strengths and weaknesses and help you better rely on the former and strengthen and downplay the latter, through your answers to my Questionnairetm that you'll answer through e-mail as well as what your dearest life dreams are that you'd like to work toward achieving. Please know that I can help, but the outcome of your life depends on what YOU do. . .or don't do!  

I'll e-mail you your personalized report specific to you although of course I may make some similar suggestions to others, i.e., I include the incredible story of Daryl Smith and the rudiments of how to become supremely organized that I've compiled with every questionnaire.  I will keep each profile confidential except for testimonials that clients give me permission to post/reveal except as I am obligated to reveal them to legal and other agencies like the BBB.   I will return your profile based upon your answers to you within 7 days including weekend days of you submitting your completed Questionnairetm.  If you like what I do for you and you're interested in me training you to do it too, I'll be glad to talk with you about that.  I am also planning to franchise this idea if it catches on.

MY GUARANTEE TO YOU:  Through following the tips that I give to you in your full personalized "Survive Until You Thrive Money Makeovertm," I guarantee that you will receive at least $1,200 or double the discounted fee of $600 (20% off the normal price of $750 for the next 7 days!) that you pay me, financial benefits, cash, loans, credit cards, etc. within three months of you having started using said tips or I will work with you for up to one year following your receipt of said tips until you do except in case of Force Majeure or Act of God or my death.  More about all of this is contained in my book mentioned above entitled, "Guerrilla Financing Tipstm" which only costs $7 on amazon.com where you can familiarize yourself with my "Survive Until You Thrive Money Makeover Questionnairetm" which provides many more details before taking the plunge to pay my $600 fee; you may even be able to get some of the money and benefits I discuss above in this paragraph on your own through the information contained in my book WITHOUT having to pay my $600 fee!  ONCE AGAIN, I DO NOT GIVE REFUNDS!

Go ahead; don't be shy!  Try me!  E-mail me at my e-mail address below with the words, SURVIVE UNTIL YOU THRIVEtm in the subject line to learn how to pay for my services and all other details entailed, and we'll get started right away!  I look forward to delighting you with your results!

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