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Useful Links

I have found the sites below useful, beautiful and fun! If you wish to be added, please send me an e-mail.

-writing grants
Electronic Mind Control by the NSA
Learn about this loathsome phenomenon carried out against U.S. citizens by a branch of the U.S. Government, the NSA, without its victims/subjects knowledge.  Also see the substance of a famous lawsuit brought against the NSA for just such practices by John St. Clair Akwei, a former agent.
Information on Organized Stalking
To get exhaustive information on gang stalking, a.k.a. organized stalking and cause stalking, the secret government, corporate, and other groups harassment, surveillance, and non-lethal weapons attacks against 1 out of 100 people worldwide, according to police blotters, battered women's shelters, and the U.S. National Crime Victims' Hotline (extrapolted statistically) and more.  See the Fox News Video of the lone Lt. of police in Santa Cruz, CA, who has spoken out against these vicious, often life-long crimes against citizens on his beat there, which crimes ruin their victims health, emotional well-being, livelihoods, and constitutional rights!  And much more!
Theories on the real matrix
Interesting theories on the "Real" Matrix.  Look and decide for yourself.  I believe some of it is probably true, but that some is probably not.

Have Fun!